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Special Training for Pampa Schools

Dan Korem Dan Korem

Elise Preston
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PAMPA--- Teachers are training how to recognize behavioral traits of school age children and then work with their different personalities to create more effective classrooms.

"The first thing that attracted us was the safety issue.  We'll have everything in place so that we're able to work with our students in the safest and most productive environment." Superintendent Barry Hanisch tells NewsChannel 10.

Teachers are being trained by internationally known profiling expert, Dan Korem.  He's also trained international companies, American colleges and U.S. military personnel in being able to identify the behavioral traits of people and then cater to them to increase productivity in safe environments.

Korem says one of the reasons his system is so successful, it teaches people to profile without stereotyping.

"You are reading people's behaviors. You aren't looking at their ethnicity, their race, their culture. You are looking at their actual actions"

Korem has studied hundreds of cases where people executed mass violent crimes and says this profiling set up, helps alleviate that.

Teachers tell us the system will also help them get to the real problems many students may have inside the classroom.

"Our students at Pampa Learning Center are at risk students who have had various reasons why a regular high school did not work for them.  We are always looking for ways to individualize and figure out what works best for them, what has caused them to fall behind and become disillusioned with the educational system." said teacher, Carrie Johnson,

We're told the district is one of the first school districts in the world to undergo this type of education for the classroom.  Korem hopes this new program will be used by other districts in the next few years. Later in the year, the profiling expert will return to the district to work with high school students.

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