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Alert for parents: Formula recall

Amarillo Pediatrician Dr. Meganne Walsh Amarillo Pediatrician Dr. Meganne Walsh

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An alert for new parents.... One of the most popular baby formulas on the market is being recalled. 

Similac's manufacturer is voluntarily recalling certain formulas amid fears of insects and beetles being found inside the containers.

Amarillo Pediatrician Dr. Meganne Walsh says, "There's a liquid that's concentrated. There's a liquid that's called ready to feed and then there's the powder. This only affects the powder." These are the formulas affected... Similac advance, Advance Iron, Neosure Advance, Sensitive, Sensitive Isomill Soy, and Sensitive for Spit-up. 

This includes powders sold in plastic containers and cans in several sizes...8 ounce, 12.4 ounce, and 12.9 ounce.

Dr. Walsh says, we spoke with today say if you've already fed your baby these recalled formulas, they're most likely going to be okay.

It could cause stomach aches and temporary digestive problems, but as of right now it doesn't look like there are any serious, long term health consequences. 

To find out if your formula is being recalled, you can call the Consumer hotline at 800-986-8850.

You can also go to and type in the lot number, found on the bottom of the container.

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