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Firemen can't do their job if you park there

Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Emergency responders in a local city say if you park in the street... They can't do their jobs.

Since West Texas A&M University eliminated several parking spots along Russell Long Boulevard, people who live right next to the school say students are now parking in front of their homes.

"It's hard it's hard for everyone," WTAMU Student Cara Reid says, "I've heard everybody complain about it."Along with several other students, Reid parks along this residential street right next to the campus.

The residential streets are already small so this has caused a major problem for drivers trying to drive in between the parked cars. The Canyon Police Department says if there were a fire... There is just no way a fire truck could fit either.

"We're seeing an increase in the residential areas but that increase has caused some problems with fire trucks gaining access down the street," Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis says, "We have identified some streets primarily down 28th St. that we are going to limit parking to only one side."

Chief Davis says starting this week, students will now have to find another place to park. 28th street is just one out of many streets surrounding the school that will have no parking signs.

"If we have a structure fire they are going to be laying fire hoses and things of that nature and we just need easy access to these areas," Chief Davis says, "Because we could not get down that street."

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