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Community Leaders Offer Suggestions for Kids to Play

James Allen, AISD school board member James Allen, AISD school board member
Myron Sims, North Branch YMCA Director Myron Sims, North Branch YMCA Director

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - In an effort to keep North Amarillo children more safe, residents are working together to provide activities for Hamlet community kids.

Over the last few days, many Hamlet residents have expressed to NewsChannel 10, there is nothing constructive for kids to do in their neighborhood. They blame some crimes on the lack of activities.

Monday night, the AISD school board approved a $27 thousand project to put in a new basketball court at Hamlet park. Early Tuesday morning, contractors were measuring the existing, torn up court to replace it. The new court should be ready by the end of next month.  A new playground will be in place within the next few months. Organizers hope these new additions will cut down on problems.

"Supervision has to come from the adults, parents, neighbors, churches, community groups. That's so important to have the community involved in all these activities." said school board member, James Allen.

"Children don't know how to express boredom, and when they don't, that's when they get into mischievous things.  That's not their fault, its ours." North Branch YMCA Director, Myron Sims, tells NewsChannel 10.

According to Sims, many Hamlet parents don't realize the center offers free after school and summer programs to any child living or attending school in the 79107 area code.

At the Y, there are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy, like photography, basketball and community service programs.

 Sims also stresses the community needs to get volunteer with local children to provide structure.

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