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Arsenic Found in Local Drinking Water

Dusty and Kaisha Johnson Dusty and Kaisha Johnson

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - For the first time ever in Amarillo, potentially dangerous levels of a poisonous chemical have been found in the drinking water. People who live at the Adobe Estates Mobile home park recently received a letter stating their health is at risk if they drink the tap water.

The water may look clean but it's not, just ask new parents Dusty and Kaisha Johnson.

"I don't know if it's bad taking showers and everything but there really isn't anything we can do about that," Mr. Johnson said.

Recently, they got a letter from The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stating their water wasn't safe to drink anymore because of the arsenic level And the Johnson's are wondering when something will be done.

"We haven't gotten any letters saying they are taking any steps to get anything taken care of but hopefully it's something the can take care of," Mr. Johnson said.

The Adobe Water Maintenance man Jimmy Campbell said, since the residents were notified last week they have been working with TCEQ and testing the water everyday.

"Everyone got notices about the arsenic levels there is a state standard that is 0.010 and we went above that point by a fraction and we had to send out the letter," Campbell said.

Even with that small fraction of arsenic being found in the water, they have to replace the entire filter system.

"We're still going to work on a filter system that will climate this all together, we actually have engineers coming out here today to estimate what kind of filters we need to get, "Campbell said.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality gave NewsChannel 10 this statement,

"Arsenic is naturally occurring in water in many areas of our state and poses a long-term health risk if not addressed. The level of concern for arsenic is based on a rolling quarterly average. The second quarter of this year is the first time the Adobe Estates Mobile Home Park is exceeded this level. The TCEQ is working with the water system to identify alternatives that can address these slightly high levels."- The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality


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