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Drivers can soon move to fast lane at driver's license office

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Those long lines at the driver's license office in Amarillo may soon be a thing of the past. DPS has a plan in the works to shrink wait times.

When we were at the driver's license office on Tuesday afternoon, the wait time was about one hour... But it can easily be more than double that, with the lines literally going out the door.

After hearing thousands upon thousands of people complain about the long wait times across the state, DPS is now working to fix the problem.

It begins with installing an express lane for anyone renewing a license. Even if you're not renewing your license, you'll still have a shot at shorter lines.

DPS Trooper Gabriel Medrano says, "Amarillo will be one of the first offices to get the monitors. What happens is you get to the office and you look at the monitor and it will tell you to go to this specific lane for this particular transaction that you're gonna make." 

On top of that, they're adding several new high-tech upgrades that can be accessed from your home computer. The first is that you'll be able to make an appointment online... For nearly every situation the DPS drivers license office can take care of.

Medrano adds, "You're gonna be able to get online and check what the wait time is gonna be like a particular driver's license office."

This new plan will be up and running in Austin next month and it should be in Amarillo a few months after that.

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