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Pig Races 2010!

Ali Allison


You have heard of the running of the bulls in Spain. Its the "Running of the Bacon" at the 87th annual Farm Bureau's Tri- State Fair and Rodeo.

Free entertainment at the Tri-State Fair ranges from concerts to hypnotists to pig races. Hendricks pig races are new to the Tri- State Fair this year.

The "piggies" race each other for Oreo cookies at the end of the track. "The pigs are smart we introduce a treat at the end of the track, pigs love to run and love to get a treat, they are smart to figure it out four pigs in a race and they all want to get there first," Pig Wrangler Tim Heart said.

The pigs race 5 times a day. Heart says you have to have a love for these swift swine. "In order to get started in the pig races you need to have a love for animals and a love for pigs also you have to love to go out and make people laugh."

The races are located by with the petting zoo at the west end of the fair all week long.


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