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Mayor responds to Hamlet traffic concerns

Mayor Debra McCartt Mayor Debra McCartt

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---Traffic concerns has many Hamlet parents  fearing for their children's safety. They are hoping the City of Amarillo can help them fix the problem.

Parents tell NewsChannel 10, they don't even allow their children to play outside in their yards because they believe, the traffic in their neighborhood is too dangerous.  Parents say, drivers speed more than 20 miles an hour over the limit, whip their cars around in doughnut shapes and run through stop signs.

A fed up mother, Kim Triplett, has tried to alleviate the traffic problems by herself.

"I put a traffic cone out here on the corner so people will slow down.  It works, they don't know if there is construction or not"

The majority of the people who had safety complaints lived just yards from Hamlet Elementary School and Hamlet Park. The City's Police Department says not many accidents have been reported in the community. However,  neighbors want the city to make some changes before some one gets hurt.

Mayor Debra McCartt, says the City is willing and committed to solving traffic issues that can be dangerous to area children and other residents. She tell NewsChannel 10,  the City is looking into increasing motorcycle police patrols, radar signs that alert drivers exactly how fast they are going and turning some roads into one way streets.

"Speed bumps are not the answer.  They are not good for our first responders. There are other ways to address that concern." Said Mayor McCartt, Monday afternoon.

According to the mayor, residents can expect a full city report looking more into the Hamlet traffic concerns within two weeks. She invites anyone who has solutions to share them with the City.


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