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More people now have concealed handguns

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - More Panhandle region residents are now carrying guns. NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos has more on the boom in concealed handgun license applications.

Those applications have gone up 27% in Potter County, 56% in both Randall and Gray Counties and 80% in Hutchinson county. The increase is being attributed to two main things... The increasing crime rate and fear of liberal gun control policies, which are very strict.

With a major mid-term election just weeks away, those we spoke with today say they're making sure they have a license in hand in case new leadership changes the law. Amarillo Police say they're not concerned about the increase in gun-toting residents.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says, "some law enforcement, myself included, were a little apprehensive at what we thought may actually take place, but the public has responded great. They've done what they should do. It's not turning into road rage where they're pulling out a gun because somebody cut them off, which is kinda what I thought may happen to begin with. But no, the public has responded wonderfully." 

The Texas Department of Safety is seeing so many applications recently they've had to hire extra staff to push them all through.

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