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Tri-State Fair Opens for 2010

Lt. Dee Aduddle, Potter County Sheriff's Dept. Lt. Dee Aduddle, Potter County Sheriff's Dept.

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Organizers are anticipating nice weather will draw people to the Tri-State Fair. They're expecting near record attendance this year.

The Tri-State Fair Board is anticipating more than 125,000 people will walk through the fairground gates over the next nine days. 

In hopes of keeping those crowds under control, Potter County deputies, Amarillo Police officers and DPS troopers will all be on site... About 14 of them at a time.

The biggest problem those officers say they expect to deal with is lost children. Last year, more than 50 children were separated from their parents.

This year, they're asking parents to write their name, their child's name and their phone number on their kids arm before going to the fair... That will make it easier to get them back together. The second biggest problem deals with teenagers.

Potter County Lt. Dee Aduddle says, "14, 15 years old. Some even younger and the parents will bring them out here, drop them off at the gate and they're unattended so they're causing some problems." 

The fair runs until 10 next Saturday night.

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