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20 Year Anniversary of Komen

Ali Allison

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX--"We want to serve survivors"Two Amarillo women made that their mission 10 years ago to bring an Amarillo Komen office to our area.

They started with only a handful of folks helping out , and 10 years later the Greater Amarillo Komen for the cure is impacting a lot of lives. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Komen for the Cure.

At that time there was a" Race for the Cure" but not an Amarillo affiliate. A group was worried that if their wasn't a local office to educate women about breast cancer and put on other yearly events, Komen may not let the race continue.

Several women came together and made sure the race stayed in the city. "If you are going to be an affiliate the paperwork is about this thick it takes two years to become one, we pushed it through in 9 months," Sherry Morrison, started Greater Amarillo Komen Affiliate said.

The ladies started with nothing.They rounded up the help of their husbands and close friends. "I chaired the race in 1995, we had 300 participants and maybe 5-10 on the committee," Morrison said. Last years race had 5,011 participants.

The ladies say its all thanks to the younger generation coming in and making the Amarillo affiliate better."You cant let something like this become redundant it will no longer be important, there still isn't a cure for breast cancer, every year we have friends, acquaintance, mothers, friends that are diagnosed," Tracy Dougherty said.

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