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An Amarillo Program Helps Families Be Better

Ali Allison
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -- Family Support Services F-A-S-T Program is a eight to ten week hands hand program for Elementary and Middle school children and their parents.

Families sitting down and eating together sounds like a simple task, but these days its seems to be harder and harder.

This is just one thing the F-A-S-T program or" Families and Schools Together," helps parents and children figure out to be a better family.The program holds multi family meetings once a week at the respected school and shows how to spend quality one on one time with each other.

"We are able to see a change in the family functioning communication, the attitude the kids have toward their patents and the school they actually feel close to the school which is so important for the parents to feel comfortable with their kids school," Michelle Paz, FAST Coordinator said.

Some of the activities at the meetings include dinner with all the families, communication games, and a self help parent group. The program is made possible by Texas DSHS substance Abuse and United Way of Amarillo.

Right now the program is available to the schools in the 79107 zip code. 800 families have gone thru or graduated from this program.

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