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New Anti-Bullying Program

AMARILLO, TEXAS - There's a hope that kids will be safer in school thanks to a new program battling bullies in Amarillo ISD. Right now, it's just at Trade wind Elementary, but if it continues to be successful there, other schools are likely to start using it across the area.

In morning announcements twice a week, Principal Kim Bentley plays the three minute stories from Character Alert giving examples of heroes and bullies.

"We like to be proactive, so we've been searching and trying to see what would be the best," she said.

The repetition of the simple concept through the stories seems to be sitting well with students.

The hero-bully concept goes beyond morning announcements into almost every part of school life - from librarians reading stories about heroes to art projects on the topic.

In addition to being easy teachers say it works - they're already seeing differences in the school's almost 600 students. They say this is probably the best program they've worked with on the topic.

Another big difference is that this program makes teaching about bullying a daily thing. In the past that was mainly limited to monthly classroom visits from school counselors or assemblies.

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