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Grants in jeopardy for needy Texas students

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A grant program for needy higher education students could be threatened by the projected $18 billion state budget shortfall.

The San Antonio Express-News reported Monday that about 24,000 first-time TEXAS Grant program recipients could be shut out in the next two years. The Texas part of the title stands for Toward EXcellence, Access & Success.

Gov. Rick Perry has ordered all state agencies to plan for a 10% cut in the next 2-year spending period.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board administers the $614 million grant program.

Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes says it would be "catastrophic" to cut financial aid just as that front edge of the changing demographic hits colleges. He has proposed getting money first to needy students who are also high achievers.


 Information from: San Antonio Express-News,

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