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Food stamp benefits could decrease

Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Some claim a move giving healthy food to thousands of school kids in the Texas Panhandle could actually hurt some of them, saying it comes at too high of a cost.

Many are angry about cuts to the food stamp program. If they become law like expected, the education jobs and the child nutrition bills will pay for themselves by cutting more than $14 billion from the federal food stamp program.

That means an average family of four would get about 50 dollars less every month.

Zack Wilson with the High Plains Food Bank says, "it really make a difference. It may seem insignificant overall when you look at a finance picture, but when you look at putting food on the table, especially for families with children, fifty dollars means a million." 

Those in favor of the move by Congress argue the food stamp benefit reduction won't happen immediately, while tens of thousands of teachers could lose their jobs next month if something isn't done now.

Right now, nearly 22,000 people in Potter County and just over 7,000 in Randall County get food stamps every month... An average of $300 worth.

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