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Moore County Women Receive Free Mammogram's

Ali Allison

Women in Moore County can be screened for breast cancer, free of charge. This is the second year that Moore County hospital district has been granted money from the greater Amarillo Susan G Komen for the cure.

They say this year has been very successful, which is how these free screenings are possible. Moore county health officials have seen more women in the last six months than they have in the last two years.

With the ever growing workload due to the rising refugee population, the hospital district now has a chance to educate and help treat women with breast cancer through the grant. The $30,000 also provides for a community liaison who will go out into the rural areas and find women who need this service.

"A lot of the time it involves paper work they are afraid, not knowing the language , how to fill out the paper work, so I do that for them"Veronica Malden said.

The grant will not just help with mammography but with other technology. In 2008 the first year for the grant the program was so small there was money left over to give back to Komen Amarillo. Two years later they have grown to the point they use all the funding they receive.

If you are a female living in the Moore County hospital district please call the Moore County Hospital Radiology Department to see if you qualify.


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