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Senior Project Incomplete; Alumni Want Answers

Kirstie Taylor Kirstie Taylor

Maxine Ridling
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Amarillo, TX - A senior gift at one local high school has many people asking questions and wanting answers. It was nearly 30 years ago when the Class of 1979 at Caprock High School placed a concrete "C" as their senior gift but over the years the "C" began to come a part and it was removed but promised to be put back. Now, the bench is still not there and Kirstie Taylor, Caprock  2008 graduate is doing something about it. 

It seems like everything Caprock High had to offer, Taylor was the first to sign up. Now 20 years old and a nursing student at AC, Taylor is still very much involved with the school, but she say's it's not like the Caprock she remembers.

"Caprock isn't Caprock without the C," Taylor said, "the alumni is very upset that the C isn't back yet let alone it was taken out."

The concrete bench also known as the "C" was given as a senior gift years ago, and as time went on school officials thought it didn't represent longhorn pride anymore.

"Unfortunately, over the years it had become severely damaged," Caprock Principal Christina Ritter said, "It was no longer in good condition it was no longer a positive symbol of Caprock."

Principal Ritter says when students voted 2 years ago to build an identical "C," she reminded them it's going to be more expensive than they think. The students paid partial of the bench and the school funded the rest.

"We have an architect who is working with an engineer to make sure it meets requirements," Principal Ritter said, "It is going to be as close to old one as possible."

As for Taylor, she says no matter what she's still a longhorn at heart, "This is my home and I'm very supportive of the school," Taylor said.

Principal Ritter says the bench should be complete by May 2011.


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