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Safety Concerns Arise Over Pampa School Traffic

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

PAMPA---There are safety concerns among parents worried about the length of time its taking vehicles to get through pampa junior high school's pick-up and drop off lines.

Bumper to bumper traffic lines the only way in and out of the new school off Perryton Parkway for more than a half hour.

"It's very scary for a parent to think, you have one way in and one way out. How are you going to save the person in trouble?" said mother of ten, Mary Laub.

Laub is so concerned over the traffic, she is thinking of taking her kids out of the town's only junior high school and home schooling them.

"Both of my children have severe asthma, if an ambulance needs to get to them, it won't make it.  Asthma is like a heart attack, you will lose air."

Superintendent Barry Hanisch tells NewsChannel 10, the fire department adopted back-up plans to deal with the congestion in case of an emergency. However, getting emergency vehicles through isn't the only safety concern.

"The only access is Highway 70, so students walking or riding their bikes have to be on the road for about eight-tenths of a mile" said Hanisch.

School administrators hope to soon start a shuttle service to keep those students off the busy thoroughfare. They are hoping to build an alternate route for walking and biking students to use.  Emergency vehicles can also access the route.

Parents tell NewsChannel 10, the traffic has gotten better since the first day of school. They do hope more solid plans will be implemented to keep the 750 middle schoolers safe.

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