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Three fires destroy more than 300 acres on the High Plains

Potter County Fire Chief Richard Lake Potter County Fire Chief Richard Lake

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Fireworks started a North Amarillo range fire this weekend and today two other fires are still under investigation after burning hundreds of acres on the High Plains. On the heels of those fires, Potter County Fire Rescue has a warning for you this evening. A fire danger statement was issued yesterday when 3 fires destroyed more than 300 acres in North Amarillo.

"At this time of the year it starts getting dry and the winds start picking up," Potter County Fire Chief Richard Lake says, "It doesn't take changes in humidity and temperatures throughout the day to make periods of extreme fire danger."

Last night, North Amarillo Resident, Will Phillips, said he heard several fire works go off before he saw the blaze. "We heard the thump from inside the house and we thought it was a shot gun at first," Phillips said.

If he didn't step outside, he says his house would be gone, "They were stomping through the grass rather than calling 911, " Phillips said, "Because the Fire Department didn't know until we called."

Within minutes the blaze destroyed property at three different homes,"We had trucks on scene within 5 minutes and reported a large grass fire that took nearly 6 acres so we brought in several more extra large trucks," Chief Lake said.

Amarillo's Fire Weather Program Leader, Ken Schneider, says even though the Panhandle wasn't under a wind advisory doesn't mean we don't need to be careful.

"Just because we haven't issued a wind advisory or a red flag warning doesn't mean that people don't follow the fire danger rules," Schneider said. Wind advisory or not, he says we need to be aware for the next couple of months. "We're going into our drier period now going into fall...the fire weather now will actually start increasing for the next couple of months

The fires in Borger and Stinnett are still under investigation and according to Potter County the man who was lighting the fireworks was not given a citation.


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