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WT Revives Long Standing Tradition

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - As more and more things go digital, West Texas A&M University is going back to basics... At least when it comes to their campus newspaper.

The plan is to re-vamp a long standing tradition. The Prairie newspaper has been around for almost 100 years... The first issue was published back in 1919. 

Last year, thanks in part to low funds and trouble finding a publisher, the weekly prairie as we knew it was gone... In it's place was a bi-weekly magazine.

But, starting September 7th, the school is bringing the old-school style Prairie back, despite the overall trend towards online news. 

Advisor Butler Cain says, "Its a lot easier for them to pick up a hard copy and read it as they're walking across campus or skim through it at the lunch table. We think on a college campus it's going to have some advantages."

With some help from the Amarillo Globe News, the first hard copy newspaper is set to roll off the presses in just a few hours. They plan to print 1,500 copies.

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