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Groundbreaking way to help premature babies

Dr. Muhammed Subhani Dr. Muhammed Subhani

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo is breaking new ground when it comes to neo-natal care. Texas ranks at the bottom of the list for having too many premature births... Nearly 14% of all babies born in the Lone Star State are born too early.

Amarillo-based Dr. Muhammed Subhani says he's found a way to hopefully help change that... It's something he says was so successful as a research study that as of this week, it's now an official full-fledged program at Northwest Texas Hospital. 

Basically, doctors and nurses take photos starting in the delivery room and all the way up until they leave the neo-natal unit...parents then journal about what's going on.

Dr. Subhani says, "they journal anything they can celebrate, for example, even if we increase the feeding from one cc to two cc's, which is just a minuscule amount. That's a big deal for them. So it could be any change that is happening in that particular day."

It's something that makes parents feel like they have some control in a situation that's really out of their hands. Reducing that stress can make for a better environment for your baby... One that's built for success, as they continue to try and grow stronger.

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