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Who is Representing District 87?

Ali Allison

Amarillo, TX - As of right now no one is representing District 87 in Austin, TX. Giving the reason to retire early, David Swinford says he wants to give his successor a leg up in the upcoming freshman class of representatives, Swinford's plan was to have a special election on Election Day to fill his seat.

But the Secretary of State says there isn't enough time to have our troops receive the ballots before Election Day. Until this process is sorted out, Swinford wants to reassure his constituents that if something were to happen, Governor Perry would ask Swinford to take care of it.

"I want to reassure the citizens that the office of District 87 is open in Austin and Amarillo, and will continue to be open and ready to serve them for the rest of the year. The staff has any questions they can't handle they know my number really well," says Swinford.

Swinford tells NewsChannel 10 he would have announced his retirement earlier, but he still had issues to take care of. Representing our area for 20 years he say the bright spot was the good people of the Panhandle. They made it easy.


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