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As student bodies diversify, parents send kids to small districts

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Channing, Texas - Students are leaving larger school districts in the Panhandle and flocking to smaller ones. As NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos tells us, in some cases, they're doing it at record rates. 

Channing ISD one of the districts seeing the largest influx of kids. They have 156 students in the entire school... 60 of them are transfers from other surrounding districts. As for why this is happening, the superintendent tells, in most cases, parents are not exactly thrilled with what's going on in those other districts. 

Robert McLain "A lot of other districts are fighting some more difficult battles than we are here. Our biggest problems are do they have gum, did they do their homework and are they tardy to class. Other districts are having to deal with issues that luckily, we're not."

Many of those issues stem from the growing diverse population in the districts... Which also can be partially attributed to the falling AYP ratings. That's something else the parents of Channing transfer students are telling school officials.

We spoke with Claude and Adrian ISD as well... Both say they're also seeing an increase in transfer students.

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