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Local Fire Department is in critical need

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - One local fire department says it can get the job done for now... but soon they are going to be the ones calling for help. The Canyon Fire Department has only 1 working engine truck in the county, the other has been out of service for a year.

If something were to go wrong with the trucks the fire department would have to call the Randall County Fire Department for help - which would slow response times.

A majority of the time these engine trucks respond to fires, but they are also called to car wrecks and other accidents. There is another engine truck, but it is old and doesn't work. Canyon Fire Chief Mike Webb says the parts are too expensive to repair, leaving them without a back up plan.

"We're asking City Commission to replace it because it is a 36 year old truck it's been down for several months because of pump problems," Chief Webb says, "We don't want to spend money on such an expensive truck and it is slowing us down."


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