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Curry Co. Jailer's Oversight Results In Fight

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - Action is being taken against a Curry County Detention Center officer whose oversight resulted in a jail fight.

The jail administrator says the officer in the booking area did not follow procedure when he allowed an inmate in the area unrestrained.

That inmate is Guadalupe Murillo, who has a history of assault charges - including one stemming from last week's stabbing at the Clovis Wal-Mart.

Murillo was being taken through the area when he saw his brother's convicted killer, Christopher Meier.

Meier was handcuffed to the wall making a phone call when Murillo reportedly assaulted him.

Meier was not badly injured.

The administrator says "appropriate action is being taken" against the officer.  He would not explain what the action is.  Detention center protocol is to have everyone in the area restrained.

This incident is the latest in a long line of problems plaguing the detention center.

In this summer alone, two jailers have been fired: one for taking two inmates outside for lunch and another for letting an inmate walk free.

Since 2005, 14 inmates have escaped from the jail, including a big jail break in 2008 in which eight inmates escaped.

We tried to get in touch with someone in the Curry County Sheriff's Office but were told those who are authorized to speak with us are either not in the office and/or busy with the fair.

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