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US Combat Troops Leave Iraq

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO--- U.S. combat troops are no longer in Iraq. August 31st was President Obama's deadline for ending US combat operations in Iraq.

Early Thursday morning, that mission was completed as troops crossed the border into Kuwait. The nation is 2 weeks ahead schedule in regards to the draw-down.

The presence of US military will still be prevalent in Iraq, but in a different way. Nearly 50,000 American service members will stay in the country for about a year carrying out non combat operations.

WTAMU psychology professor Dr. Tim Atchison treats veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries. He tells NewsChannel 10, it's important Americans don't forget about the thousands still in Iraq.

"In these conflicts that we are in, support troops are at risk to, roadside bombs don't know they are just carrying supplies. They have danger they face, they can develop PTSD just like combat troops."

While combat troops have withdrawn from Iraq, the US will soon ramp up presence in Afghanistan.

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