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Grant Lets Cops Get Robot, Forensic Light, Video System

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Night vision goggles, a mini robot and new video system are just some of the things local law enforcement officers will be getting soon.

The new equipment is made possible by a federal grant of about $183,000 for Potter County and the City of Amarillo to split....

All in hopes to keep the crime rate down.

Fighting crime in our area may soon get more efficient with tools like a new forensic light to use at crime scenes.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says, "it's going to allow our special crimes unit to look at fibers, blood, body fluids that they wouldn't normally see."

APD will also get a mini robot.

Cpl. Neufeld says, "if we're looking for a barricaded gunman or something, we can send this little robot in with the infrared camera, look and identify where the suspect is."

In Potter County, a new video system is going in every patrol car.

Sheriff Brian Thomas says, "those are invaluable tools that come in handy when we have it - to turn around and spend $35,000, it would have been cut out of the budget."

This grant comes on the heels of a very busy few months for officers...whether it be auto burglaries or suspect chases.

Sheriff Thomas believes "it has been very active."

But with new tools and more officers...solving more cases could be more promising.

Some APD officers will also be paid overtime to patrol areas where a lot of crime is being reported.

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