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Clovis Family Finds Explicit Material Inside Toddler's Piñata

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

CLOVIS, NM---A family found racy ads from a Juarez newspaper inside their toddler's piñata.

 Sunday, Lawrence Johnson and his wife Beth,  bought an unknown brand name piñata in the likeness of Shrek from the Prince Street Wal-Mart store in Clovis.  The couple bought the party favor for their daughter Addison's 2nd Birthday.

"She was helping me clean it up.  We were stuffing it in a big bag.  She handed me a piece to put in the bag, I looked at it and was like, what is this?" exclaimed Lawrence Johnson.

Addison handed her father a crumpled newspaper photo of a topless woman. That wasn't the only racy clip from the Juarez newspaper.  Full page ads for call girls and shots of models provocatively posed in lingerie were also stuffed inside the piñata's lining.

"Thankfully, all the kids were younger, but it could have easily been a 9 or 10 year old boy. Saying jackpot or something, but not for the parents." said Beth Johnson.

The Johnsons tell NewsChannel 10, they called the Wal-Mart store Tuesday night and told them what happened. When we stopped by Wednesday afternoon, the store was lined with dozens of the life size party dolls.


NewsChannel 10 bought an identical piñata at the same store and cut it open to see what was inside. Inside the NewsChannel 10 piñata was stuffing from an average newspaper.  There was no explicit material

In a statement released to NewsChannel 10, concerned Wal-Mart reps say, "The safety of our customers is a top priority, particularly as it relates to children's products. We are currently investigating this matter further and will take appropriate action. "


"We'll take it back to Wal-Mart and get our 24.98 back." said Lawrence Johnson.

They're keeping Addy away from the mess.


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