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Update: Hundreds Facing Eviction

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Neighbors in a local trailer park are talking about a class action lawsuit this evening as more than 200 families still face losing their homes. Tensions are still running high at Amarillo Estates off of Pavillard Road. Neighbors say Wednesday a postal worker says she delivered 69 certified mail eviction notices.

Since the land changed owners a few months ago, people here say they faced a billing nightmare. Last month, four separate companies all sent out bills asking to be paid the same owed rent. If even one does not get their money, an eviction notice shows up.

The property management company says they are working to clear up confusion, but neighbors say that statement is a joke. Many here have contacted lawyers for help but they are having trouble finding someone to take the case.

Local homeless shelters say it will be tough for these people to find a place to go because most Amarillo shelters are already stretched thin.

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