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Highland Park Will Be "Kid Ready "Come Monday

Ali Allison


Amarillo, TX--Highland Park Elementary's superintendent vows recent flood damage will be repaired by the first day of school next Monday. With cosmetic repairs left to do, Highland Park Elementary staff will be working down to the wire waxing floors and dusting off the classrooms from the construction.

Highland Park's new Superintendent Mike Brown said his staff came together and have worked night and day to be ready for Mondays school start. "We declared it an emergency and got started on it as quickly as we could working with insurance and school board."

The sheet rock in the hallways had to be redone and painted , new tile in several classrooms and carpet pulled up .

"I am so proud that our staff have done a great job they have kicked in and done all they can with smiles on their face," Brown said.

He tells newschannel 10 that the repairs will cost around $250,000. The ISD's insurance helped because they had what's called "Rising Water" instead of flood. If the water would have come from the roof it would not have been covered.

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