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Who pays for Dick Bivins parking lot repair?

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - As football players prepare for another season at Dick Bivins stadium, Potter County is trying to get ready too.

It's almost time for those Friday night lights to shine once again at Dick Bivins stadium... A place that's been attracting crowds for decades. Need proof? Just take one look at the parking lot.

Potter County Commissioner Alphonso Vaughn says, "It definitely needs a lot of work. Definitely need so to be repaired. We're talking a turn key job. So we don't have to go back and put a band aid on it in six months or one year from now."

Doing something like that isn't cheap... It comes with a price tag of close to on$1.5 million.

"Money is really tight. It would be tough for the county to do this alone." So, even though they realize it may be a bit like the hail Mary passes thrown on the field, they're turning to Amarillo ISD for help. "It just makes sense for us to be in this together." 

The problem is, it's not the district's responsibility. They're in charge of everything inside the gates. That means the bleachers, the landscaping and the field itself. But take one step through the gates and then you're standing on Potter County property.

AISD's Holly Shelton says, "The district has an agreement with Potter county. It's been in place for more than 40 years. It says that we paid to have the parking lot paved the first time and then we don't have any maintenance responsibility after that."

Vaughn says, "We'd just like to take a look and see what the verbage in the contract says." The district is doing the same thing. Shelton says, "We're having our attorneys look at the legalities." Vaughn adds, "We're hoping we can sit down with them and even do some creative or innovative things. We both want to get this done."

The county says repaving the parking lot would benefit more than just game-goers... It would make it easier to attract events at the fairgrounds and to the Dilla Villa.

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