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Non-Stinky Feedlots?

Ken Casey, Researcher Ken Casey, Researcher

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Anyone who lives in this area knows the smell of feedlots well. When the wind blows just right or a big storm comes through, cows can fill the air, but a local research team has a plan to solve that.

At the Texas A&M Agri-life Extension in Amarillo, they're trying to isolate which particular chemical interactions at the lot are actually causing the smells.

Once they figure out which compounds are the most recognizable, then they can come up with ways to keep them from happening as much. For example the two smelliest offenders so far happen when things get wet, so the team thinks it might help if the pins aren't as muddy.

The researchers say none of these changes will happen any time soon. The research alone is expected to take a while. Then there has to be community pressure and strong financial reasons for the industry to change.

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