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Amarillo city jail closes

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - After months of planning, a big switch today for area jail inmates according to city officials. The building is old and would cost too much to renovate for the city. Because of this, the city jail decided to merge with Randall County Jail so it will be more cost effective and better use of taxpayer dollars.

Early this morning all of those in the Amarillo City Jail were transported to the Randall County Jail. "We've been in talks with the city for years about wanting to get out of the jail business they were at the point where they were going to have to build a jail or go under contract with someone else," Chief Deputy David Thurman said, "They approached us with that and we came to an agreement and that's where we are today."

We showed you around the latest expansion to the Randall County Jail last week. Three ports were added to the jail bringing 144 more inmate beds. Capacity of the Randall county jail is 500 and today the jail reached a total of 355 inmates.



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