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More families with Back to School Needs

Elise Preston

AMARILLO, TX - More local families are feeling the effects of the tough economy as we enter the back to school shopping season.

NewsChannel 10 went through an area school supply list for a kindergartner. With glue, crayons, and everything else on the list, the price tag was around 73 dollars.  When you have three or four kids, that total continues to climb.

Organizations helping the students out say, most of the families in need have multiple children. Even though school supplies are important, they aren't as high on the parent's priority check list. Money saved with back to school drives goes towards "clothing, food, put it to their mortgage, rent, or their own personal needs, that's how this helps" said Major Tim Grider with The Salvation Army.

Grider tells NewsChannel 10, a large portion of the families this year, are new to Amarillo. They came to the area because they heard jobs were available. More families came than jobs, so a lot of new area families are adding in to the greater need.

The Salvation Army expects to reach nearly two hundred more families when their Shoes and Socks drive ends.

The Church at Quail Creek tells us, they too are seeing a huge increase in the families looking to them for help.

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