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Local Meat Price Markup

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - As the price of meat continues to rise, so are concerns for local businesses. Meat prices across the nation have been on the rise for the past 3 years, and now local District Manager of Rosa's Larry Moreland says they are feeling the impact.

The cost of meat is going up so high, the popular Taco Tuesday - may not be so popular anymore. "Well we were kinda forced to raise the prices we didn't want to increase the price of all of our menu items," Moreland says, "We just went up on the Tuesday price because that's the bulk of the meat and cheese."

Now, Rosa's customers will pay $3.69 rather than $3.33 and Rosa's isn't alone.

"Well it's made it extremely hard for us to hold our prices where they are," Owner of Dyers BBQ Roy Dyer said, "We have not at this time taken a price increase probably in the near future we're going to be forced to."

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