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Hundreds Facing Eviction

AMARILLO, TEXAS - More than two hundred area families could loose their homes. Neighbors say almost 30 families have already been forced out of the Amarillo estates near river road, but that number could skyrocket.

Most of the 200 plus homes have received one or more eviction notices each over the last month for missed payments. Everyone NewsChannel 10 with says they would happily pay their bills, but last month four separate companies all sent out notices asking to be paid for the same owed rent. The neighbors say they're not sure who they should send their money to.

This has been going on since the end of may. Neighbors say they are trying to find answers, but for the entire month of June the office doors were locked up. In addition to not knowing who to pay, many people there are being charged late fees, up to $25 a day.

After looking for answers at the main office, a regional manager for Newberry called and said: "We are working diligently with all parties involved to resolve any miscommunication that might exist."

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