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Once a C-section always a C-section; is a thing of the past

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - More and more pregnant women in our area are leaning more towards cesarean sections when delivering their baby, and one local doctor says it's becoming an unhealthy trend.

Ashley Newman delivered Mckaylin just a few weeks ago, and she says it was much easier than her first. "The recovery time was a lot easier the second time around with not having the C-section," Newman said.

Last June, Ashley had an emergency C-section with her other daughter Dakota.

 "My worst fear would be the risk of them being so close together the incision would rip open," said Newman.

When you have a cesarean section, also known as a C-section, you have a scar on your uterus and according to a recent report in a medical journal more women refuse to deliver naturally because of that risk.

"More and more doctors are taking on the attitude of once you have a C-section you always need to have a C-section, " Women's Healthcare Associates Dr. Brian Eades said.

Dr. Eades says there is only a small chance of the scar re-opening. "The odds are between 1-2%," Dr. Eades said, "If that scar does open up when you're delivering normally after a previous C-section you can have a lot of internal bleeding it can even be life threatening to your baby and to you

Doctors say even if with this low risk - many women choose to have a repeat C-section when in reality it's not the smartest decision. "Very often more often then not doctors and hospital staff will elect to push for a C-section when in reality you would be ok if you just waiting and delivering normally," Dr. Eades said.

As for Ashley and her new family, everything worked out perfectly.

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