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Dietary Supplements

More than half of all U.S. adults take dietary supplements like
vitamins and protein powders.
   But according to one group, ingredients found in some popular
supplements could be harmful to your health.
   The supplement industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug
  This allows companies some leeway with their claims.
  Micah Wing, a regisitered dietican at BSA says "Since there is no
regulation, vitamin company a and vitamin company b can bottle
vitamin d and it's not the exact same.  Your capsules are different
and those ingredients are different."
  J.J. Rinne of Innovative Nutrition says "Cigarettes, alcohol stuff
like that should be address first.  It kills by far more people each
year than what these supplements come close to."
  Consumer Reports recently pointed out 12 ingredients found in
supplements, like bitter orange and country mallow that could damage
your health.
  People can suffer anything from liver and kidney damage to
unhealthy blood pressure levels.
  The FDA has gotten close to 2,000 reports of serious adverse
effects in the past two years.
  Rinne says "Many times the adverse event reports from these
supplements are caused by people who think a little is good...a lot
is better and they
overconsume the products."
    Before you start a supplement program, all health experts agree
that you should visit with a doctor first.
  And if you end up with serious side effects be sure to report it to
the FDA.

Tom Lee - News Channel 10

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