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Exclusive: Lujan on Immigration

New Mexico Congressman Ben Lujan New Mexico Congressman Ben Lujan

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - An area congressman is calling his co-workers to action on immigration reform. New Mexico's Ben Lujan says it's time to put politics aside and work on lasting solutions.

"This is a problem that's been put off year to year. and we need to fix this problem," he said.

Coming from a state on the border, Lujan is one of the first to say illegal immigration is an issue that needs to be solved now, but he says the controversial Arizona law is a major roadblock to a solution.

As a newcomer to capital hill, Lujan is amazed by what he calls legislation built to shock and illicit sound bites such as the Arizona bill. "That just gets us further behind instead of further ahead. and those types of legislative maneuvers that are done just for political reasons as opposed to solving the problem," Lujan said. 

"Solutions to the problem are just tackling the issue, a lot of times people try to fend it off. they hide behind one issue or another as opposed to looking at it as a comprehensive piece."

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