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City Deems Motel Unsafe

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - The city calls a motel unlivable. Several residents living there must find new places to live by August 16.

Owners of the Inn of Amarillo on West Amarillo Boulevard have been told by the city, they have nearly two weeks to have everybody out and a written plan of corrective actions to  "discontinue these unsafe conditions and protect human life and health. "

" There is wiring that is not up to code, there are fire hazards, there's vermin. There is sewage in one of the tubs, whether the unit is available for leas or not, it's a tub full of sewage.  Its unsanitary and unsafe conditions." Building official Scott McDonald tells NewsChannel 10.

In a letter to the owners obtained by NewsChannel 10, the city's Community Development Department says it will help find emergency housing assistance for some of the hotel's occupants who qualify. That assistance includes first month's rent, security and utility deposits in their new dwellings.

Mark Johnson has lived in the motel for nearly a year and a half.  He says despite the conditions, it's home.

"Where am I going to go? If I go to the mission or to sally's, I can't have my puppy." said Johnson.

People using the home as a permanent residence is another violation against the motel.  The owners only have codes for transient residents.

The inn has had code problems for years. If the owners don't get the building back in compliance with city codes for it be in good standing, the inn could be condemned and the owners could face fines of up to 2 thousand dollars each day.

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