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California's gay marriage laws could impact Amarillo

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---A federal judge has issued a controversial ruling allowing gay marriage in California.  As the decision continues to play out nationwide, there could be a huge impact right here in Texas.

Supporters of the marriage ban will now appeal the decision in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. If judges uphold the ban as unconstitutional, then the ruling would head to the Supreme Court. If the high court says a homosexual couple should be allowed to marry according to the constitution, then states everywhere, including Texas, would have to follow.

"This is now the judicial system and there is nothing that the Texas legislation can do. We are just waiting like everyone else to see if the law passed here in 2005 is constitutional." State Senator Kel Seliger tells NewsChannel 10

That law basically states marriage in Texas is between a man and a woman

Senator Seliger says he thinks the most significant part of the ruling, is not that marriage was defined by a federal judge; but that a decision always controlled by state's is now governed by the federal government.


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