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A Trucker's Tribute: Celebrating military heroes

Buster Beverly Buster Beverly

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An Amarillo man is going cross country, supporting America's troops, and he's doing it from the driver's seat of his 18-wheeler. 

Buster Beverly says his mobile memorial began when he got the news his 21-year-old neighbor, who he watched grow up, was killed in Iraq.

On Thursday, five years and more than 100 patriotic stickers later, he pulled over in Amarillo, proudly displaying his message for all to see... And when they did, there were horns honking, people giving thumbs up and lots of smiles from passersby.

Beverly says it's his way of saying thank you... In the biggest way he knows how. And in turn... He gets a big thank you from others. 

"The expression on our military people and also on their families. Particularly the families of the people that got killed. When they see my truck, all they want to do is just hug my neck." 

Beverly has been in parades all over America... And hopes when people see his truck, they'll realize that freedom really isn't free... A message he says is well worth the $12,000 he's spent on his semi-salute.

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