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Administrators react to NM AYP results

Tucumcari superintendent Aaron McKinney Tucumcari superintendent Aaron McKinney

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

TUCUMCARI, NM - New Mexico school administrators speak out in regards to negative progress reports just released. More than three quarters of the state's schools did not meet AYP testing standards.

AYP, or adequate yearly progress tests measure the learning growth in schools. At first glance, those tests show for the last five years, New Mexico schools have progressively gotten worse.

However, administrators, like Tucumcari superintendent Aaron McKinney, tell NewsChannel 10 the scores are not an accurate snapshot of the education in the classroom.

"I just think we need to re-evaluate.  To me when you look at it, it's like having a math classroom. When you have 30 kids in there, but you only have three passing your class, that indicates there is something wrong with the teaching or material, not with the students. That's the way I look at this test, there is something wrong."

This year, both Tucumcari elementary and high schools passed the tests. Those two schools did not pass years before. This year, the middle school did not meet the standards.

McKinney says in many cases, one or two children in a testing subgroup could have done poorly and that causes the entire school to not score well.  Administrators suggest counting the scores of all students collectively.

Even though administrators question the system, they pledge to continuously work with their students, and teachers for improvement.

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