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Highways Buckling Under Heat

Paul Braun, TxDOT Paul Braun, TxDOT

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - We've all heard people say it's hot enough to fry an egg, but how about hot enough to buckle asphalt? That's exactly what happened in our area on Wednesday. 

With triple digit temperatures in many parts of the Panhandle, the asphalt can easily climb well past 150 degrees.

That, combined with the excess water underneath the asphalt from recent rains, is causing several TxDOT roads to buckle in locations all over the Panhandle. They say fixing these issues is not an option, but a necessity, since it poses a public safety concern, so the already cash-strapped agency is going to have to find the money somewhere.

Which could prove to be a tricky task, since august marks the end of their fiscal year. Paul Braun says, "Maintenance folks have to really be creative in the month of august, especially when we have this hot weather, chances are that when we have things like this, we have some bleed through or blowups, we'll have to take it from somewhere else, a project that we were gonna do in august may have to wait until September or October."

TxDOT expects these problems to continue for the next few weeks, so you can expect delays across the entire Panhandle.

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