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It's the most common childhood surgery, and it may not be needed

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - It's the most common surgery children have in our area and one local doctor says many times the procedure is unnecessary. Children who have multiple ear infections have many parents wondering when the pain will go away and what can they do to stop the infections from coming back.

According to a recent study, nearly every child has experienced at least one episode of an ear infection. Most ear infections can either go away on their own or be treated with antibiotics. But doctors say sometimes the infections keep coming back because of fluid in the middle eardrum, causing hearing loss and speech problems.

"If they keep that fluid for a prolonged period of time longer than 3 months," Quail Creek ENT Dr. Robert Stroud said, "then we would talk about putting tubes in their ears."

It is possible for reoccurring ear infections, and that has many parents asking questions on what else they can do to make their child's ear pain go away.

"There is maybe 20% to 30% who require 1 set of tubes that are going to require an additional set of tubes," Dr. Stroud said, "With the second set of tubes it's pretty routine to take the adenoids out at the time of place of the second set of tubes."


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