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Two-A-Days... Tackling the heat

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Two-A-Days have begun and the heat is on. Coaches say heat is causing major concerns for their players safety. 

It didn't quite reach 100 degrees in Amarillo today, but it was hotter than that in places like Perryton and Liberal. That's rough to even step outside, but imagine running around non-stop for hours and hours... Now you know how high school football players feel.

Coaches we spoke with say there's a fine line between pushing players to work hard and pushing them past their limits... A line they're extremely careful not to cross.

One way to do it... Trimming practice times, so they don't over-exert the new kids. Palo Duro's Head Coach Steve Parr says, "Our freshman, and some of our JV are only going through one time a day. And that's because those kids aren't used to Two-A-Days and really not used to our workout. We're trying to let them adjust and get used to that." 

They're also looking for signs of heat exhaustion just as often, if not more, than they're looking at plays. Coach Parr says he's seen first hand what can happen if it gets out of hand... He once had a player who had to be taken by helicopter to the hospital... Something he calls "a very scary thing."

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