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Head lice in schools

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Head lice is a problem that affects six to 12 million people every year, mostly children.

A leading health group just came out with a recommendation for schools and children with lice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is telling schools to not send home children with head lice.

The group also says treating lice has become even harder, as the pests have become more resistant to common treatment methods.

Parents in Canyon won't have to worry about changes to school policy on head lice.

The Canyon ISD plans keep in line with the Texas Education Code.

"Our policy is that, if a student is sent home for head lice they can be re-admitted after a medicated treatment. And after there is no visible signs of the nits. Theoretically that could happen in the course of one school day."

Lice is spread through close contact from one person to another. You can avoid lice by not sharing hats and brushes.

A local pediatrician says parents shouldn't worry about their children going to school with other children with lice.

"We really out children to go to school and learn and lice really isn't a huge health risk. It's just itchy."

Some of the common treatment methods of lice include over the counter products, prescription medications, and wetting the hair with water and combing out the lice and eggs.

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