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Contact lenses may not be for everyone

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - More than 70,000 children and teens land in the emergency room every year for injuries and complications from medical devices.

Most of the problems stem from contact lenses.

Parents may want to think twice before they decide to allow their children to wear contact lenses.

Eye infections and abrasions have been common among contact wearers.

The problems are mostly due to people not washing their hands before putting on their contacts or leaving them in for too long. And wearing them past their expiration date.

A local optometrist says there isn't a right age when choosing contacts over glasses.

Instead it comes down to the individual.

"There's not an exact. I've got eight-years-olds that are probably mature enough, and I've got 17-year-olds that probably don't need to be in contacts yet. It's truly about your maturity whether or not you can follow the responsibility and follow the rules."

O'Brien also says it's important to keep your contact lens case clean.

You should wash it with soap and water or throw it out every few weeks.

There are several different kinds of contacts on the market.

A patient should always check with their doctor before choosing the right lens for their eyes.

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