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Area School Accountability Ratings

AMARILLO, TEXAS -  It's a first in recent memory - not a single school in the Panhandle is rated academically unacceptable for this year. But while many educators are celebrating, some critics say it's only because the standards are getting easier.

It all centers around a policy approved this time last year called the Texas projection measure or TPM. Under that there are some cases where a student can actually fail the TAKS test but still be counted as passing in the determination of accountability rates. TPM basically says if the failing student shows enough progress where they will likely pass the test the next time around, they can be counted as passing for this year.

After the new scores came out, the commissioner of education immediately released the following statement about TPM.

"We understand that some people have concerns with these measures, TPM is a complex regression analysis but I believe it to be reliable. nonetheless, I am willing to re-examine its use because we want the public to have complete faith in the school ratings."

Amarillo ISD says they think the ratings are dead-on, because even without factoring in TPM, the district saw a three percent increase of students passing math, and seven percent in science.

"When you're looking at five percent gain or seven percent gain over one year, that is impressive. and that tells us we are moving in the right direction," Spokeswoman Holly Shelton said.

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