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Facebook Security Breach

Megan Moore

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX--An alert for facebook users: your information may now be easily downloaded from a file sharing web site.

Information for more than 100 million facebook users was scraped up by a web security expert in England....just to highlight what he calls facebook's lax security policy.

Local facebook users are among the 100 million whose information is now readily available to anyone in the world through a file sharing web site.

But the user details on the site are details that were not hidden by privacy settings. "What happened today was not the compilation of any material that wasn't already available yesterday. It's just that it's a lot easier for someone to get it all in one place,"Dr. Nick Gerlich, WTAMU Marketing Professor said.

That place is a huge downloadable file on the expert's web site.

For those of you whose settings keep your profile from popping up when someone searches your name, your name could now be searchable on the site.

That's because if you have friends whose settings are not that strict, someone can look at your profile through your friends.

This latest security issue is another reminder for users to keep their settings private if they do not want to end up all over the web.


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